Service Schedule

Sunday School September-May 9:00am.
Worship service 10:30am Sundays year round,
Children’s Church during Adult worship,
Prayer every Sunday after worship service
VBS dates are June 26-30th 6:00pm-8:20pm

Seymour Evangelical Baptist Church

Seymour Evangelical Baptist is affiliated with a group called Converge Worldwide. This group is a multi-ethnic, international association of churches. It began in the mid-1800s as the Swedish Baptist Conference and served Swedes who had immigrated to the United States. In the 1940s, as the ethnicity of the group widened, the name was changed to the Baptist General Conference. Recently, in 2008, the name was changed again to Converge Worldwide (CW) in order to accentuate the fact that we’ve become more of a movement of like-minded churches rather than a strictly authoritarian denomination.


Seymour Evangelical Baptist Church

Pastor: Rev. David N. Abbott

104 Mountain Road, Seymour CT

(203) 888-3072